Notz Plastics SA specialises in the sale of high precision cell cast acrylics.

These sheets are used as watch glasses, covers of LCD/LED display, colour filters, for architectural models and many other applications where quality matters.


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Welcome to Notz Plastics AG


65 years young, Notz Plastics SA today and tomorrow!

For more than 65 years, Notz has supplied plastics. 65 years, during which, plastics have progressed. Today, manufacturers, plastics transformers, users and consumers of plastics are numerous. Many of them are customers of Notz Plastics SA.

But who are the users and what do they buy? Are there new sectors of customers to be reached? Is the plastics specialist still necessary, how and with what? These are questions that the management of plastics companies must ask themselves each day in order to keep up to date in terms of products.

Notz Plastics must always react rapidly when a customers enquiries are formulated. Better yet, Notz must take the lead in procuring what the customer will need tomorrow. The answer to the question if the specialist is still needed is yes, today more than ever. Notz doesn't just have an instinct for finding new forms of plastics, but is also an expert and a partner for many companies.


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